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A sightseeing cruise along the Orava River below the Orava Castle, which has been a proud landmark of Orava for almost 800 years.
During our cruise you will get unique views of Orava Castle and you will return to the past, at least for a while. An expert explanation of the history of rafting in Orava is part of the voyage.
Sail parameters: length 7 m, width 2.3 m draft 0.2 m, number of transported tourists: 12

Length of the voyage

The cruise takes 1 hour from Horná Lehota to Oravský Podzámek. Operation during the season: July and August daily from 9:00 to 17:00.
Operation out of season: May to October - in the form of orders.

Cruise order

The cruise order is by phone. Upon request, we provide season tickets for a tour of the Orava Castle, which is connected in time to rafting. We will provide tickets to the castle for groups of at least 15 people, booked at least 7 days in advance.

Transport to the start

1. We will take tourists parked in Oravský Podzámek by car to Horná Lehota to start.
2. Tourists parked in Horná Lehota: after the raft we will bring the driver back to the car.

Price list



Adults 15 €
Retirees, university students 12 €
Students 15 - 18 rokov 10 €
Pupils 6 -14 rokov 8 €
Childrens 4 - 5 rokov 6 €
Childrens 0 - 3 roky years accompanied by parents 0 €
Seniors over 80 accompanied by their children 0 €
Dog, cat, ferret ... (pet)

Everyone on the raft must agree to the presence of a pet

3 €
Family entrance (2 parents + children up to 14 years) 45 €
The raft is sailed with a minimum number of rafters 8 people


An individual price for socially weaker families is always possible by prior arrangement.

Discounts do not count, only one applies, the most advantageous for a hiker.


  • Regional discount
    Permanent stay in Orava


  • School trips
    Holiday camps


  • Travel agencies
    groups of over 48 people


  • Severely disabled
    immobile + one escort


Short photo documentation from our cruise ...


Pltníctvo na Orave

Boating on Orava

Boating - today romance, once the hard calluses of our grandfathers. For centuries, the construction of the Orava mine has mainly considered construction timber (for the construction of Žilina, Bytča, Hričov, Trenčín and today's Budapest), but also hay, grain, ceramics, canvas, rocks, wooden shingles, prisms, boards, and even dismantled wooden houses. Goods were also transported on rafts from Poland - lead, copper but especially salt - in 1695 up to 16,000 tons were transported in this way.


Tandem s.r.o. Ing. Ján Šárfy

Rafting orders, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call..
We are at your disposal from 09:00 to 19:00

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    +421 911 358 182
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    Slovak republic
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